What to do with life?

It dawned on me today that this time next year, I will be entering my final semester of college. And it filled me with apprehension and anxiety. I feel like in college, you are living this faux life in a contained bubble that is cut off from the real world. In a little over a year, I will have to be a fully functioning member of society with a job and up to my ears in debt from student loans. This realization made me wonder, what am I going to do with my life? I have been through a few majors because I was a confused freshman, but I realized what I loved more than anything was books, so English major it was. Now, that isn’t the most stable of majors that offers a plethora of jobs after graduation, but it is what I love. 

So now, I am stuck with anxiety about the future. What will my career entail? Will I fulfill my dreams of becoming an author? Will I travel the world? Where will I live? Am I going to live at home? Will I move to London like I always dreamed? Will my student loans ever get paid off? So many unanswered questions that are terrifying. I feel like I am finally an adult now that I have a concern for my future. As a freshman and sophomore, I wasn’t worried about the future. But do all college students feel this way or am I the only one who has this crippling fear for my future? Yes, this is a very random post, but I needed this to be out there. Hopefully, the answers come to me at some point in the coming years and the anxiety will subside. 




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