Positive Body Image



The day most women dread is tomorrow…the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Now, I have a love/hate with this show. I love it because I find the performances and the outfits awesome, but I hate it because during it (and for the week following) every girl I know is hating themselves and every guy I know is wondering why they can’t find girls like these models. I will scroll my twitter feed, and see post after post saying “Wow she is smokin’ hot! Why don’t girls at my school look like that?” or “OMG I hate myself. Not eating until I look like those models!” This saddens me. Why are we okay with women saying they are going to starve themselves to achieve basically the unachievable? This is why I want to promote a positive body image. 

A few years ago, I would see those models strutting down the catwalk and would wish I could look like them. I would crash diet and exercise, but I eventually came to the realization that I will never look like that. Not because I can’t lose weight, but because everyone is built differently. I am not a 5’11 girl who weights 115 pounds, and I never will be. Most people will not be that. It took me a while to come to this realization, but I am there now. I just wish that everyone would come to this realization, and I know that it is hard to hear. 

I am all for a healthy lifestyle and having your own choice. If you want to be stick thin, by all means, go for it. Just be healthy about it. There is no point in starving yourself to look like that. Or if you are happy being a bit overweight, good for you. Once again, just be healthy! I think that we need to promote a positive body image, because what the scale says is only a number. 

This fashion show is not the root of the problem with negative body image, there are many sources for that. This fashion show is just another excuse for people to negate themselves to that number on the scale, and this is where we fail in society. And this issue only gets worse with each generation. The statistics for eating disorders gets higher each year while the age for it to start gets lower. 

So, how do we promote positive body image? By making sure that these behaviors are not glorified in media (like the man who wrote the article as to why to date someone with an eating disorder), and making sure to promote happiness, no matter how you look! Now girls, I know after seeing a bunch of guys tweet and write about the looks of these models, it is tempting to want to look like them, but it isn’t worth risking your health or life for. If any guy has a problem with the way you look, he is not worth your time. And guys, I know that these models are beautiful, but so is every other girl. 

Let’s all promote positive body image and be happy in our own skin!